nowHere “Piero Cafarelli”

New post dedicated at the parthnerships of nowhere music! Piero Cafarelli is our photographer that we try to have on our events. If you would like to see his works just click on He wrote an introduction for his playlist for us: Hi, I'm Piero, I come from a small town near Pescara (Italy). … Continue reading nowHere “Piero Cafarelli”

nowHere “Joanna Rabeson”

Strindente sent us the first interview we are sharing her bio we had taken from her website below:Joanna Rabeson is a London based French Singer-Songwriter and Composer. She has been writing songs for over 13 years in both French and English and always worked with her younger brother Matt Rbsn, beat maker.  Joanna Rabeson was born … Continue reading nowHere “Joanna Rabeson”

nowHere “Stridente Records”

Stridente Records is a London based organization, music business oriented, that deliver services starting from music production, event management, videos, mixing, packaging with the goal to support and discover musicians and drive them on their releases and promotion. Strindente recently started a series of interviews to local artists in electronic and experimental music with the … Continue reading nowHere “Stridente Records”

Something About “Vic Chesnutt”

Vic Chesnutt from theneighborsdog tv Vic Chesnutt was a songwriter born in Jacksonville, Florida (US). He died on 2009 at the age of 45. His grandfather taught him to play guitar and started writing songs when he was only five years old. As he got older and began buying records, his first favorites were Leonard … Continue reading Something About “Vic Chesnutt”

Something About “Frank Zappa” Something about Frank Zappa in two words would almost suffice to describe Frank Zappa: Pure Genius.Here at Nowhere we felt that Zappa needed to be put on our podcast because he was independent in the sense that he never sold himself to the usual suspects.Self produced and intensively inventive, his music spun from jazz … Continue reading Something About “Frank Zappa”